The Ebb and Flow of life

The Ebb and Flow of Life

Waves washing in and out
              emotions crashing all around
                           this torrent of rain will eventually wash over every heartbeat

In the distance there is the sound of thunder
               lightning flashes
                                 fear startles and seizes the heart
                                         breath is forced from lungs that feel paralyzed

 Tears shed
            overflowing the eyes as quickly as the ocean overtakes the sand
                    blinded by uncertainty
                              the sand shifting underfoot
                                     and yet each moment standing there, holds a promise

Just beyond what can be seen or heard
               the sun is rising
                                just past the rain and mist
                                                the veil separates and light floods the space

The sun is coming
                a lone heartbeat pounds out a new song
                               to the rhythm of the crashing waves
                                             tears are dried, rain begins to cease and hope has won.                                           
                                                                the darkness must surrender to the brightness of dawn.

                                                                                      Debbie McDaniel Hornsby

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