One Day Soon

I thought I would write something deep and personal and maybe this poetry is just what came pouring out as I typed.  This is me, my new life, my new job, my new home.  Not much time to get sad, I'll write more I am sure when the pressure of finding my way in a new job lessens.  Pray that is sooner rather than later.  I love it, I do.  It's just been awhile since I have had to work so hard to learn new things.  I am in over my head, no doubt but I know it is right where God want's me.  Trying to figure out how to post a short video on here for a few friends that said they miss my laugh, sometimes I even miss my laugh(Maybe tomorrow I will figure it out).  Laughing more every day, improvement is a good thing.  Miss my friends, miss my boys...Don't think for a minute that I don't think of you often and long to be in your sweet presence. God is making all things new and that is enough for now.

One Day Soon

I thought I had lived life

I had grown and I had grown

I had still not touched the sun

There were bright days and dark nights

Still I had not touched the sun

I had stretched and stretched reaching for the sun

Been despaired at the lack of warmth

I had been cut down, run over and sifted

Yet, still I grew

I was small so very small

But never knew until I grew tall

I reached

I withdrew

I danced with cold fear

And still I grew

I was dead in the dirt

Cracked open and hurt

Still I grew and I grew

Pain twisted my seed

I held tight to its root

And the sun still shone

Its warmth bringing hope

New shoots breaking forth

Pushing through hard ground

Seeking out the sun

New life still grows and grows

Though death enfolds the fallen leaves

The new still grows and grows

The old crumbles, cracks and falls to the ground

I grow and I grow

Still I have not touched the sun

I have grown taller and taller still

And yet I am still so small

Still reaching for the sun

Still growing and growing

My face bent towards the sun

And my roots digging deep

This is a new season

Warmth is shining

I am living

One day soon

I shall touch the sun

A Little Update

Hello Tribe,
So it's hard for me to write.  Such a depth of pain and transition is rarely speakable and yet at the same time there is an anticipation and a confidence in God's plans.  I will never understand why things had to happen the way they did on this side of heaven.  My heart broken not just for myself, but for all those affected by such betrayal.  I am often still shocked and dumbfounded by the turn of events....BUT one day when we cross over into heaven it will be so clear how God has turned it for our good.  Romans 8:28  Whatever happens, I stand on that promise, that He turns all things to good.

I once heard someone say they ate fear for breakfast.  I didn't get it.  I thought it was a quote from something they had read and maybe I should read.  I didn't think about it much after that, until today. This morning I thought, I eat fear for breakfast.... I choke it down and keep going, keep believing that this is part of the plan.

I do my day with fear sitting in the pit of my stomach, but I do it anyway.  I am not fearless, but I am brave.  This new adventure sits before me and I will run into it with everything I have.  I will do it afraid, I will eat fear for breakfast and then I will see the promises of God unfold before me.

Sad, yes I am sad but I am also glad. Glad that the plans and purposes for my life are not thwarted by the enemies destructive schemes.  I will make a difference in this world, I will not give up and I will eat fear for breakfast and one day I will look back and see that HIS glorious will has taken me to places I could have never dreamed of.

Pray for me as I pack up and leave the place I have called home for over twenty years. I love my tribe here in Southern California with all my heart.  As a matter of fact I am leaving a part of my heart in each person that heard my story, heard me preach and teach, shared their life with me.  We all belong to one another, we are family.   God's family.

Let's all be brave together, eat fear for breakfast and take a leap of faith in your own life.  There is no dream too big for God.  I can't wait to hear what God does in all our lives as we grow braver and more confident every day!  Take the chances, follow the dreams, live in the excitement Christ intended for us, we were made for greatness!  Never give up sweet friends, we shall overcome!

It's so funny, I thought I was already all grown up.  Turns out I am still growing, and this adventure is part of the growing.  This is the new year and the new me....crazy but so exciting.  Didn't see it coming but embracing it all the same.

Below is a letter I sent out to some asking for support for this upcoming year.  Take a minute and read it, pray for my new adventure and ask God if you should partner with me.  Every little bit will help me follow HIS direction.

Hello Family and friends,
      Happy New Year!  January comes with many exciting changes for me, a chance to write new adventures in my life story.  I am so thankful for the time I had in ministry with The Rivers Edge Church and it’s community, the growth and seasoning it brought to my life cannot possibly be tallied this side of heaven.  As I look back I see that God is always positioning us for the next thing (after all He knows all the plot twists way before we ever even see them on the horizon).  So as I contemplate the friends I have made and the love we have shared I am filled with hope and anticipation that this is not the end of our story, but merely a change in the direction.  
     On January 19th I will begin a new job with an organization I have partnered with for many years, HEART (Health Education Africa Resource Team).  HEART is a non-profit group that is a beautiful picture of loving the orphans and widows.  They are making a difference every day in Kenya!  HEART has a great reputation and over 80% of their project money goes directly to help on the ground in Kenya.  Please click on the link to read about all that they do throughout their widespread influence in Kenya.
     This job was a sudden opportunity; they as a non-profit were not quite prepared to fill this position with a full time salary but the need of someone is urgent.  My salary is not available in their general budget, but when the founder realized I was available they began to pray.  They truly were at a crossroads, they needed more funding (to help more people) but in order to build more relationships and develop more funding they needed to hire someone.  So together we are taking a leap of faith, believing that this is God's divine will for my life and for the future of HEART.  I am asking if you can help support me through giving to HEARTS general budget for this upcoming year.  As I am training, learning and building the foundation of a new “Community Development Director” your tax deductible donations will help support my salary for this first year.  
      Your money will help me to pour my heart into helping these women and children that are so precious in my sight, as well as in God's sight.  Once up and running I believe I will be able to make a huge impact on the ground in Kenya as I travel there, but also in funding throughout the United States. I believe that provision will follow the vision God has given me as I develop this new position, but this first year I will need a little help from my friends.   
I am praying that we will still partner in building the Kingdom together as I take this next step towards a surprising future.  There are several ways you can give; personally, as a church, or an organization.  When you give to the general budget, just please include my name in the notes section.  
·         Online monthly at                                            
·         Send a check monthly to HEART  P.O. Box 631964 Highlands Ranch, CO 80163 again mentioning my name.
·         I will receive 100% of your donation toward my salary.
 Please pray for me as I pray for you, together we are better!   Please feel free to call me to find out more about my new adventure and prayerfully consider supporting HEART and myself in this new year.
In Christ Amazing Love,
Debbie Hornsby   
951.662.9427                                                                                                                    P.S. I would love to come share about HEART at your church, women's group, event, missions group, etc.  I know you will fall in love with HEART just like I have.  Perhaps you will even join me on a team trip to Kenya.  That would fill my heart with joy!!

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