The Tsunami of my life

Today I had a few minutes and by a few I mean forty minutes.  Forty minutes between laundry, cleaning my car, sharing the computer with the college student, making sure the dogs took their medicine and picking my husband up for a lunch date.  Got onto my blog and realized it has almost been a month since I was on.  How atrocious, it is only May and I have gone from wanting to write every day, to committing to write once a week to now almost a month since my last entry!  What happened?  A tsunami of life, happened.  Swept away in the tide of my crazy, wonderful and sometimes intense life.  I have been focused on work and people and forgot to make time to focus on myself.  Anyone know what I am talking about? 
Cleaning my wood floor in increments because I don't have the time or energy to clean it fully all in one time, so therefor it is never fully clean.  I think it may be an illustration of my life....bit by bit but never fully finished.  Scripture teaches us that we are being changed from Glory to Glory.  It causes me to think about the bit by bit part.  The tedious work that seems to bring no visible outcome until I suddenly realize I have finished every inch of the giant wood floor.  It is already dirty again where I started, I sigh with the mop in one hand and start over again for a few brief minutes in between the mad rush of my crazy, beautiful life.  I think about Jesus washing me clean daily and then my daily life dirtying me up again. I wonder if He sighs too at the thought of washing me clean again as I lay my head on my pillow and ask for His forgiveness for the careless words I spoke, the selfishness that manifested, the irratation that arose.
Perhaps unlike me he is awaiting a spot or blemish to appear so that he can quickly cover it with His grace.  When I am at the church in our bathroom with the lovely tile floor, I love to mop.  It is so easy, a small area that quickly gets footprints all over it and I step in and am the hero as I quickly and easily swiffer it clean.  That is what I imagine it is like for Jesus, a quick and easy washing that must feel rewarding to Him.  Like a parent who washes tiny little hands in the sink and then smiles and says, all clean now.  That parent is genuinely happy to see that child washed clean. I long to manage my life well, but more than that I long to love people well and it seems the two don't go well together.  There is always someone who needs attention, something that must be completed, vision that must be fulfilled and the day to day chores lose out in the battle of ministry and housecleaning.
Jesus never loses in that personal battle in our hearts.  He cleans house daily in our hearts, lives there rent free and only ask that we be at work making daily improvements. He picks up the mop and cleans the whole thing and says today is a fresh start.  He gives a warning as any parent does, He instructs us not to make a mess.  Then sometimes by the end of the day I realize I have made a mess again and I sigh and think how thankful I am that Jesus never tires of cleaning my heart.  He loves me and is taking me from Glory to Glory, and trust me that aint easy.  He is my spiritual Mr. Clean and He never fails me, thank God. No matter how destructive the forces seem to have been in the Tsunami of my life He comes along returns everything to its rightful position(including me) washes my heart clean and trust me to start fresh again on a new day.  Today, will be a slightly cleaner day than yesterday.  I think.

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