Dance like you just don't care!

Sometimes you just have to be brave and dance 
like you just don't care!

I have been thinking about this whole shake it off thing..... 
There has been a whole lot of shaking.  I looked at this video today and all I could think was, God surely has a sense of humor.  He talks to me in my own language, the language of fun and laughter. 
Laughter does a heart good.  

 So here is some laughter from's funny no matter how you look at it.  At the end of the day I choose to believe that God was right in the middle of everything that happened.  This idea of shaking it off has become my battle cry, when it feels like it is out of control I go back to that....and so do my friends.  
                                    Remember Debbie, shake it off! (I have great friends)
So I laugh more than ever since the bomb dropped, I am full of hope for the future as I look at life from the perspective of eternity. I want to be the best me, possible.  We can't let our circumstances or the pain of the past determine out future.  God's purposes and plans will not be denied if we are willing to be obedient and keep shaking it off.  Let's stay away from the desert and march on together towards the promise land. We are stronger than we think, God is bigger than any problem and Jesus is enough to bring joy regardless of circumstances.  Be encouraged friends.  
Love my tribe!

click the link below to watch the video....get ready to laugh!

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