Trusting that you will make something beautiful out of me.


Debra means busy bee or queen bee, I have lived up to my name my entire life.  Slow is not in my vocabulary but sometimes God reminds me...Slow down....ssshhhhh....I want to tell you something...then He whispers sweet things into my heart and I am filled to overflowing with a deep abiding love for Him that energizes me for the next steps in this journey. 

This was my breakthrough:  I started with the girl and she was holding the umbrella.  The umbrella which is too small to even cover her and the Lord said to me,

                  Why do you look for shelter under your tiny little umbrella when you are already
                  under the shelter of the Almighty?

I immediately began to weep, My God reminding me of His divine protection, His glorious care, His perfect plan and His provision.  As long as I am building His Kingdom, for His glory I am under the shadow of the Almighty.  I don't have to be concerned about protecting myself, my reputation, my heart or anything else because my God has already done that. There will always be opposition and trials and there will always be God, my hero.   I will always be under His loving care as He makes something beautiful out of me!!  Have your way Lord, in my heart and in my struggles may you reign completely! 


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